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An outlook the concept of foul odor
Classification of foul odors
Fantastic odor control method
Odor control application methods
Odor control fields applied
Odor control case studies
Direct and indirect application on solid odor sources
In a field test made to observe the effect of pulverization of Fantastic Odor Control on solid odor sources putrid cat urine (3-mercaptan, 3-methyl butanol) was used was used. Fantastic Odor Control diluted in water to application dosage was directly and homogenously pulverized on the source of the odor.

Graph 1 shows the replies of people attending the experiment. This field test demonstrates how a dose of Fantastic Odor Control is works on odor sources and eliminates all the odor in a certain time.
Similar results are achieved in a different test where Fantastic Odor Control versus the moisture smell in hotel rooms.
In this field test 5 % solution of Fantastic Odor Control was pulverized manually in the rooms once a day. In this field test where the rooms suffered from a smell of moisture generating from an undefined source the results proved that 5 % solution of Fantastic Odor Control can eliminate the odors throughout 24 to 48 hours.
Activity on amines in gaseous form : In this test where the effect of Fantastic Odor Control was tested on amines a certain amount of cyclohexylamine was dosed in a closed drum. After waiting for a while for cyclohexylamine to get homogenous in the medium, a dose of Fantastic Odor Control was pulverized in the drum. Graph 2 shows the measured cyclohexylamine concentrations in the application and control drums

Activity on hydrogen sulfur (H2S) gas :
At a field test on H2S gas, which is the main reason of foul odor problems at waste water treatment plants, an amount of active sludge was placed in a closed container.
After waiting for some time for the anaerobic fermentation to start 0,1 % solution of Fantastic Odor Control was periodically pulverized in the tank.

As it is seen in graph 3 application of Fantastic Odor control degrades the H2S concentration to 200 ppm from its initial level of 700 ppm. After stopping the application the increasing concentration of H2S to 800 ppm level proves the strong activity of the product on H2S degradation.

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