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Deodorization of Solid Waste Storage Areas
Neutralization of Solid Waste Storage Areas

There are different ways that Fantastic Odor Control products are applied. The method of application usually depends on the source of the odor.

It is possible to apply Fantastic Odor Control by manual or automatic methods. When using simple hand pumps or sprayers a solution of 1 - 5 % is applied whereas a solution of 0,01 - 0,1 % can be applied in automatic misting methods..

For automatic applications we suggest the high pressure misting systems that suit best with Fantastic Odor Control products by means of forming a perfect mist and providing an excellent homogenous dispersion of the product.

In spite of this Fantastic Odor Control products can well be used compatibly with all kinds of lower pressure sprayers and perfume dosing systems on the market.

Fantastic Odor Control Method

Neutralization of foul odors by Fantastic Odor Control is the combination of several different actions. For an effective odor neutralization a combination of below effects, depending on the class and source of the odor is used.

Neutralization : The active mater in Fantastic Odor Control initially targets the odor molecule. The special moleculer structure of Fantastic Odor Control locks the foul odor molecule and blocks its structure capable of stimulating the receptors in the nose..

Balancing : The fragrances of different Fantastic Odor Control formulas are chosen for their opposing characteristic to the targeted foul odor by that formula. These fragrances act like a jammer for the foul odor and in a meaning confuse the message send to the receptors in nose by the foul odor. This makes a polishing effect by preventing the perception of the foul odor.

Settling : When Fantastic Odor Control is applied by misting systems the mist created captures the foul odor molecules and slowly settles down. With this effect, very similar to the effect of rain in the atmosphere, air is washed by a solution of Fantastic Odor Control and water.

Breakdown : Enzymes bacterial and other components in the formula of certain types of Fantastic Odor Control formulas completely break down the foul odor molecule.

As the result of the combination of these three actions specially combined for the type and source of the odor problem the foul odors are degraded below the perceptible level for human being.


Fantastic Odor Control 01 : Neutralization of foul odors from waste water treatment plants,sludge thickening and handling facilities, urban solid waste handling.
Fantastic Odor Control 03 : Neutralization of foul odors from solid waste storage areas, flood and fire recovery
Fantastic Odor Control 04 : Neutralization of foul odors from waste water treatment plants, sludge thickening and handling facilities, sewers, breweries, living spaces.
Fantastic Odor Control 05 : Neutralization of foul odors from waste water treatment plants, kitchen exhausts, blood smells.
Fantastic Odor Control 07 : Neutralization of foul odors urban solid wastes, landfills, garbage rooms, mercaptans, thiols, manure, breweries, etc.
Fantastic Odor Control 09 : Neutralization of foul odors urban solid wastes,landfills, garbage rooms and etc.

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